Two Years On - 2012 Two Years On - 2012 Studio Cabin View 153353670 Studio Cabin We recently finished refurbishing our studio cabin - it's looking great! 153353671 Cabin 3 153353673 Guest Laundry Much better than the old tin shed 153353674 Cabin 4 The shrubs have grown and now look like shrubs instead of twigs. 153353675 Grounds Still beautiful, even if they suffered in the March floods. 153353676 Cabin 2 Looking back to Cabin 2 from the grounds 153353677 Cabin 1 Looking back to Cabin 1 from the grounds 153353678 Picnic table 153353679 New Handrails All the cabins now have new handrails 153353680 The side entrance 153353681 Cabin 1 Our trusty guard dog (sorry, the cabins are NOT pet friendly) 153353682 Studio Cabin The start of replacing all the retaining walls - still has to be planted out. 153353683 Feathered Feeding The birds enjoying a feast of walnuts from the Black Walnut tree 153353684 153353685 Grounds up to cabins 153353686 New Handrails 153353687 Front Entrance Sign 153353688 Convenient We are not kidding when we say convenient! Woollies is just behind Mac Donalds. 153353689 Cabin 4 & 3 153353690